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need advice

I worked with my boss for about two years and half. For the past 2 yrs nothing really special going on with me and him until lately. We used to talked about worked all the time, about other co-worker. But lately he start flirting with me , and i didn't realized i started doing the same thing.. then one day he asked me to come to work early so we can talked so we did talked and he tells me how he wish i wasn't married and he wished he wasn't married. The next day he came to my house and we ended up having sex. and now i don't know what to do cause at worked he acts as if nothing happen to us, but for my side i want some explanations about what happen but scared to ask him anything cause i don't want to hear any rejections. it scares me because in my heart i want a relationship with me. What should i do???? HELP!!....
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