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Well here is another insert in my crazy mixed up life. Daughter who is now 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant has been harassing my friend by text messages. Saying how I am a Bytch and how I must get home NOW! While she knows I am at a pow wow an hour and a half away. That I am a partner in a vendorship, so cant just up and go. Then said partner of course has another melt down issue and yells and etc at me. Where I cant do nothing right unless its what he wants when he wants right then and there. Then to find out that others heard it, talked about it with others who werent there. So I am assuming again the blame. So dayum tired of this crap! I mean I am only human. Daughter knew I was going to pow wow. Her friend told me Thursday night not to worry they'd help her while I was away. Mind you this is her third pregnancy but different from her first two. Then partner knew I was busy not sitting on my wee arse eating bon bons. That I asked him to wait twice but no now now now! Omgosh. I wish they'd stop and realize what they are doing to me. But no of course not. So going to mull cry get mad and figure out a way if possible to get positive to move forward. Hugs Have a better day than I, yet a better one awaits tomorrow for you I hope.
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