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I'm sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed with your life right now. I know that the state of my house is a complete reflection for what is happening internally for me. When I feel empowered and positive my home looks great. When When I have huge internal turmoil and feel overwhelmed my house is a disaster. My suggestion to you is that you need to force yourself to snap out of your negative thinking. This will affect every action of your day. Three ideas to help you do this that you might want to try:

1. Start with an affirmation that helps you start your day differently i.e.

"Even though this is a difficult time in our lives right now, I know that this too shall pass."

"I am a great mother and wife and am truly blessed by the love that surrounds me."

"I am greatful for this day and all the possibilities it could present."

Those are just a couple of ideas. You can make up your own that is more fitting or look up tons on the internet.

2. Because it is natural to keep thinking about the things that worry us you need to balance it with thoughts of gratitude and shift some of your focus on all the things that are going well. Start keeping a journal/pad of paper and make a list every morning of things you are greatful for.

3. Commit each day to do one thing fun/silly with your kids or husband. I do not mean with spending money. This can be anything from putting on a cd and dancing around the living room for 10 mins, playing a game, offer your husband a nice massage (after kids are in bed) which then in turn he can give you one. Really think about the last time that you had fun and if you can't, it's been far too long and you need to add it in your life. I'm not saying for a few hours. Just a few minutes in your day and that will grwo the more you become aware of it.

These ideas will obviously not fix the things that you are worried about but it will help you manage how you are dealing with the circumstances. You will feel less depressed and might see possible solutions or ideas that you might not have before.

Best of luck!
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