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I know how you feel i am in the same boat i have all these people i take care of.I have no time to take care of myself i have to go to the doc and the denist for check ups it has been along time since i went to the densit no time for me.I live with the father of my kids and will not marry me we have been together for a long time not sure how i feel about him anymore he has all the money and the say in my life its so hard not sure what to do.He says he loves me but not to sure about that i do not feel loved by him sometimes i do not want him to even touch me maybe cause he set up profiles on to sites to meet woman to sleep with.I have gone on these sites to see if did do anything yet with these woman not sure what else to do all he thinks is about is sex like most guys maybe he wants someone new he says no but i do not belive him.My kids do not listen to me eather everyone walks all over me its a grat life and the dad works all the time have no help.
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