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Moondaisy you'd be surprised what you could do more so if you were a parent of children. Its called time balancing. Moms and others know how to do this. Some not so good others excel. Now mind you my youngest is 19 years old yet I am in school for Phlebotomy. I have a 22 year old daughter who just had her third baby last sunday living at home as well I take care of the house, animals, bills, appointments for them and myself, as well as go to school two nights a week. Although my one car is out of commission right now, I do make do and work towards a better life for myself. Mind you I cant rely on the husband so it was quite a shock and surprise to see him home the other day into yesterday! Then to help us as well. I swear I was near heart attack! LOL not Yet you can juggle and work things out. Main thing is taking time out so you dont get stressed out or burned out. Hope this helps! LOL Oh yeah I am like 22 years older than my daughter! <WEG>
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