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Hi momof5,

You are in a mess of a situation.......but not hopeless. For how long are you going to choose to live your life being treated this way? Yes, I said choose. You have created these relationships in your life and living them out exactly as you intended. (conciously or sub-conciously). I don't mean to be harsh with you (this is all meant with good intentions for you) but how low will you allow yourself to go before you stand tall and say "Enough!" It sounds like you made a poor decision on your choice of partner. Your children are disrespectful to you because they probably see their father being disrespectful to you? You allow people to treat you disrespectfully because you seem to believe that you deserve no better.

Your number one role as a mother to these kids is to be a life teacher. What are you teachingthem about family, respect, love, themselves when you allow for these things to go on in your home? The majority of kids that have low self-esteem; have parents with low self-esteem. And they will grow into adults with low self-esteem.

Your life will continue on this path until you make a serious conciousdecision to change it. The great thing about life is that just because it has always been like this for you, you have the power to make it a different reality. But until you decide, things will stay the same. I hope you find the courage and the belief that you deserve better. If and when you do, you can send me a private or public message and I can give you suggestions on what those changes will look like.

I hope you view this message in that it was only sent out of care and concern for you.
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