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As one of six children and seeing my older sisters interact with our mother, I choose not to do what they did. Maybe if they had thought differently if things were different. But they choose what they wanted for their own reasons. Our mother is now past on, and soon will be with my sisters who I havent seen in almost ten years give or take all together. Yes its a choice, yet some feel the need to be useful. Then it becomes like an expected norm for the those dependent on that one. What happens when that one cant do it anymore? The safety net falls. Yet who is taking care of that one? No one usually. Hence I am grabbing my boot straps and keep on moving forward as best as I can. I choose to do what I must for myself. Now unlike others I give my promise I keep it. Yet one support you in your dreams and the next thing you see is them pulling the rug out from under you since they believe you are deserting them. Well I have no one to depend on. I have to get my life in order to support and take care of myself. So we shall see when this person who pulled the rug finds out what I actually meant!
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