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(((( IRISH ))) Sorry for your recent blood work snafu. But let me tell you this ok? You can tell the phlebotomist if you are terrified about needles, whatever the case may be. You can also request anyone. Yet dont ask for a doctor many did it years ago, and usually dont have the finesse to do it now yet there are a rare few. If you are having issues with them collecting your blood work, you can ask them to draw from the back of the hand although the preferred area is the antecubital fossa aka the elbow area of the arm. At any time you can refuse the work done or simply request someone else to do it. A good surgical nurse will be able to do it usually without a lot of pain and problems. If you are obese by chance this can be difficult draw. Hence the back of the hand would be your best bet. Mind you usually I have this done myself until recently with classes. Now its so easy to get it from the Antecubital Fossa area. Plus dont fold your arm in the elbow area after a blood draw, this usually causes bruising. Hope this helps as it was meant too. Have a great day!
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