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A Series Of My Own Experiences

this started when i was really really young. Around 5-6 years old. when i had a very high fever. I don't really remember that much anymore, but, the last thing i remembered is that seeing myself wrapped with a blanket. My dad carrying me out of the room, while my mom follows him, checking on my other three siblings in the other room. I remember my vision to be a little foggy. And i felt so light. I even felt myself and my parents pass in front of me. After that, I barely remember anything.

Then, i started seeing things that aren't supposed to see. LET ME TELL YOU ALL OF IT...

We moved to Pampanga, Philippines from Manila. My dad built us our house. It was surrounded my empty fields of grass.ANYWAY.

I share my room with my older sister, and my two other siblings (boys), share the room next to ours. sometimes at night, we'd wake up hearing footsteps from outside our room (by the way,our house is mostly made out of wood.. i mean the interior decor). THE STAIRS. first, the thumps were slow, as if climbing up the stairs, then sudden fast thumps, as if running down again. My brothers would often knock on our room to check on us. I remember seeing them holding the baseball bat. Then, altogether, we'd go down the stairs and peek. there was no one there.
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