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Well last night I received a text message from the husband that said:
"I been doing alotta thinking lately since we dont get along like we use to and dont agree on anything anymore plus im hardly home I think we should go our seprate ways i think u would be much happyier that way."

He is rarely here to work on anything. He knows I am going to school in the hopes of a job. He also knows I dont have money nor job prospects. I have been busy with this house, daughter and newest baby, his dad who has prostate cancer (just recently diagnosed), and the house has been freezing cause no oil or money for it, nor has he set up the oil burner for when we do get oil. Now I have thought things out and if he can support me financially for the house til March 2012 by which time I will have a job, then that would be good. Just not sure right now. Yet he is going to start his DUI classes soon, will lose his drivers license, and thus he will be screwed. Mind you he is back on the drugs again. So I hope today when he shows up he will agree with what I wrote out. This way it protects him for I dont think his Probation Officer would like him driving around in his truck with a 9 mm Ruetger hand gun. Say a few prayers he agrees to my hopes. Then I hope to get him to sign the thing and have daughter witness it. For I can get a divorce yet it would smack him hard. For I have him for adultery, mental abuse, and neglect. Er go I hope he will see what is in his best interest. Wish me luck and a few prayers. Hugs
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