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After all the crap my husband has put me thru in recent years I still love him. Yet I have found that love has evolved. Mainly in part to his actions and lies. Now I just want to be happy. But if he isnt happy with me then I will set him free. I know the many ways I love him still want the best for him and etc. But I have set my boundaries and limits. He knows if he wants to have me what he needs to do. Yet the rest of you are in these situations. If you are in love with someone while married, you need to step back from the love you have for another. Realize why you fell in love with the one you are with. Think about the silly funny things he has done for you just because. Now if you cant stay with the one you are married with, then walk away. Give yourself time. The other person who you love or loves you back, maybe an illusion. Take time to heal up and carry yourself before you step into another relationship and possible same scenario down the road. That is all I have to say. Think reflect and decide. Hope this helps as it was meant too.
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