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I've been there

I married my husband in 2004, and I met the"other guy" in 2006 on popular role playing computer game. At first I was having fun flirting with this guy, but after about a month or I so I noticed feelings starting to develop. This other guy said all of the right things, and at the time it seemed as if my husband was saying all of the wrong things. To make a long story short, I had a awkward but beautiful phone relationship with this guy. I finally got over him in the spring 2011, and my husband's and I relationship couldn't be better. Looking back over what went on between me and this other guy, I realized that I was not in love with this guy at all, but I was in love the fantasy of being with him sexually. I had to have him. The lust that I had for this guy, outweighed the love that I had had for my husband. At one point during my emotional affair, I did not want to be involved with my husband intimately, because I actually felt like I was cheating on the other guy. After awhile I got tired of the emotional roller coaster, and I distant myself away from the other guy. I erased his number and blocked his calls. I began to actually look at my husband again, for I was looking at him with my eyes closed for five years, that is when I realized that I could have thrown away a diamond just to be in a relationship, which in my head was the best thing since slice bread, but that's just it, the relationship that I dreamed of having with this other guy was no more than a fantasy. Try to distance yourself away from this guy, and actually look at your husband again, you might just be going through the same thing I went through.
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