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My belief is God is a God of Love & Mercy ... not God of Hell & Damnation. Growing up I was taught about Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, & Limbo. If a baby died without being Baptised that child went to Limbo never to see God's Face. Purgatory was a place you went to before going to Heaven .. it was to atone for your sins. Hell is where you went because you committed a henious crime against man & God * you had/ have no remorse for.
Now I truely believe that all babies go directly to Heaven, Babies that pass during pregnancy, delivery, shortly after that... The Bible also teaches that in order to get to Heaven we need to be child like. We are all God's children it's the man made rules that continue to change as time goes on. His rules the 10 Commandments remain the same. ... Again it is not up to us to decide who goes to Heaven or takes another step, I do believe all children go to Heaven, I also believe that those who suffer on earth go directly to Heaven ( Cancer & all other dibilitating deseases ). Babies / Children God always has a soft spot in His Heart for. "Let the children come unto Me".
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