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This is a great thread!

I don't usually remember much about my dreams, just that I had them, but in the last few weeks I have had dreams that I remember a lot about. I had an especially vivid dream a couple of weeks ago, and it has been disturbing me ever since. I remember I was in a somewhat foreign place with my ex, who was my ex in the dream, too. He was very solicitous of me (as he actually is in real life). It was very hot inside, although I knew it was terribly cold outside, and my coat was on the seat behind me. Someone stole my coat somehow without my realizing it. I remember telling my mother and my ex about it, and my mother told me not to worry because I would get it back. Meanwhile there was a huge chasm with another city on the other side (even though we were inside), and I could hear my son calling me from the other side, but I couldn't reach him. There was no way to cross the chasm. But my mother was also over there, and she was urging me to get over there to them. Finally, I found a very long, steep set of stairs to the other side, and I climbed them, but when I got to the top, I couldn't find my mother or my son. I was frantic, and I was crying to my ex, who was quite perplexed. We could hear them, but couldn't find them. I woke with a horrible sense of loss.

Now my mother has been dead for over 14 years, and my son is an exchange student in Australia. I see my ex often, and we are good friends. Any thoughts on this?
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