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Sure, God hates sin (Rom 1:18), and all people are sinners. So we would have no hope to avoid hell and get to spend our eternity in heaven without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf (John 3:16).

But as long as a person is living as a Godīs creation on earth, he has the possibility that God calls him and he can accept the sacrifice Jesus made on his behalf, ask his sins to be forgiven and follow Jesus the rest of his life and to heaven.

Of course there will be a time before the final judgment, when Jesus Christ comes to earth (after even worse times than ours, when antichrist deceives the people with his promises of peace and rules the world under the will of satan) and rules here for 1000 years as a king in Jerusalem (Zech 14:4,9). In that time this earth is quite a lovely place as the Bible tells us. Antichrist and his helpers are destroyed and Satan is bonded under the earth with his demons and can not tempt or harm people (Rev 20:2-3). Nobody dies before he is 100 years old and all the creations are in peace with each other: wolfs, lambs, lions eat straw together (Isa 65:25). People live blessed in every way (Isa 65:21-24). Some people still do some sin, but not earlier than the age of 100 (Isa 65:20-20). And nobody then says to the other person, that it is ok or just fine to sin, and nobody admires the sinner (Isa 32:5).

That time comes to an end, when God lets satan out and he deceives part of the nations to attack against Jesus (Rev 20:1-3, 7-8). But God destroys them and throws them to hell (Rev 20:10). And after that shall all the dead sinners of all ages to be judged and cast to hell (Rev 20:11-15).
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