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Oh and if you confess your sin and ask to be forgiven in Jesus Christ name tis done. ALthough I know many "Christians" Who do sin again and again. Yet they are "sorry" yet do the sin again. Yet tis not my place to judge. Only question then how can they teach Christianity while doing this is mindboggling to me. I walk the path of the red road. Which means I do my honest best to do better to live in peace harmony and balance. Yet I am not perfect. I stumble fall and land on my face many times before the day is done. So does that mean I am not good enough anymore? No it just means I need to work on me with the Creators help. SO I am a work in progress person. I hope to make a 1,000,000 more mistakes before the day is done. Yet ask for grace, wisdom and patience to do better. Thus I am human. Bless those when I can and when I cant due to anger and etc I ask the Creator to do so for me for I am only human.
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