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The question is: has there been a new beginning, a new birth.

If the person tries to do his very best (prays, goes to church, tries not to hurt anybody, helps everybody, gives all his money to the needy) and even ask for forgiveness of his sins from time to time, that does not make him a new creation. He may be forgiven of some of his sins, but he is still just body, soul and dead spirit.

But when a person has been born again, he then is a new creation (2 Cr 5:17). He is body, soul and living spirit. And even the third person of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Ghost) the Holy Spirit has settled to live in his spirit. He is a new creation, and his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cr 6:19).

Born-again Christian´s sins are somewhat temporary. And as soon they realize they sinned, they ask forgiveness from God in Jesus Christ´s name and repent themselves. So the sins do not change their new creation.

But if a born again Christian goes on sinning for a long time or refuses to repent, the Bible warns that it will make the Holy Ghost sad and uneasy, and finally He will leave the person (Eph 4:30). They are called backsliders. Some backsliders are open about that, and say they were born again Christians earlier, but no more. But many of them try to think that they still are on their way to heaven, and they can give very harmful and wrong advice to people how to follow Christ or to live as Christian. They pull people away from Christ even when they use biblical words as they no more understand themselves the ways of God.
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