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Manipulative relationship?

Hi, everyone! I have been in a relationship which ended about 2 years ago, but I still haven't got all things straight. I would like to make things clear so I can definately move on and be more careful in next relationship. So, that relationship wasen't just good or bad, it was something in between, it had bad and good moment, it lasted 2 years. I am very confused about it because my boyfriend seemed like a very good, supportive and devoted person, we had great communication, we could to each other all day and woulden't get bored. But, on the other hand he was very clingy. He couldn'e give any space ot time on my own. The only time I had for myself is when I was at college or working. The moment I wasn't there anymorer I had to meet him, or if I couldn't we had to talk pracically all day on msn. I couldn't even learn or read a book without talking to him on msn (he wanted me so). He would never let me go out with girlfriends by myself (on a coffee yes but not in a club), he intrusively always wanted to go with us. When we were outside dancing he would always try to prevent me from having fun, he would say that his stomach hurts, or he would take me away from my friend and starte talking to me about deep things, although I just wanted to have fun. He would also do some nice things to me so I always felt guilty and bitchy if I refuse any of his demands. He was very jealous, I couldn't even talk to other guys. Also, in an argument, he would always make me feel like my opinions are wrong, I sometimes was afraid to confront him, he would even ask me things like "what's my favourite music" and when I answered he said I should have strong arguments for it, I mean why do I have to have arguments for my music taste?? I also cought him lying a couple of times, when we started dating he told me about his ex girlfriend, but later when I asked him about it has said he had no girlfriend before me I even denied he said it. The same scenario happend a couple of times. Please, tell me, was this a manipulative relationship or what was it? It was my first relationship so I'm realy confused. Thanks!
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