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And I have to share with you this, because it's horrible and hilarious at the same time. He had a friend X who was very good looking and charming, so he asked me what I thought of him, and I told him that. He got really jealous, although I never cheated on him. One summer he told me that X told him I was chatting with him over the net and I didn't, after I denied it, he said X told him some intimate stuff about him that he couldn't possibly knew unless I told him. I denied again. Then he said X showed him our online "conversation". I was shocked but I denied again because it didn't happend. So, after almost the whole summer molesting me, he said that probably X invented the story because he is bisexual and wants to keep us apart, so he could be with HIM. I believed him (naive me), and even discussed with him the opportunities how would X know all that things about him (maybe someone else told him....). A year after that, I mentioned that situation to him, like "remember when that happend" and he sad "NO". I said "but you told me that, don't you remember". He said, "no, I never told you that! " Can you believe that? I can't believe there are people who would make up such a sick story just for cheking on their girlfriends. Unbelievable!
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