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Unhappy I get a lot of deppression!!!Help...

Hello everone,
Im new in here,
I need you people to hear me out,
Im married for two years now, and I have a 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy(step children) I have a 3 year old son(before i got married) and I have a 1 year old baby with my Husband,
It is very hard for me because im having depressions.
My 11 year old stepdaughter, is very hard headed she is turning my marriage horrible, she does not listen to me, everything what i say to her is like the worst words sheve ever heared, I told her father about her, but then I feel like he is taking her side, by the way she is not a daughter of him, that we just knew a month ago, her mother was 1 month pregnant when my husband and her mother were together, he did not recognize it because when he Knew that she was pregnant and he thought it was his and she tooked advantage out of it, The Child did not know that she is not a daughter frommy Husband, Shde is just a too much of 11 year old for me and they are four of them, I have to take care, because the mothers of the two are different, and my Husband is so much of a martyr that tooked both of them, but he is everyday out of the house and i see everything, i see what they are doing, also what they do to me, okay i have my son, my 3 year old, but i am disciplining himto the point that my husband could not say anything about my boy, i feel like im not happy, my husband is good,loving,caring but when it comes to this girl who is not ever her child i really get depressions...I wish icould just ignore her, pretend that she was not here...
I need some help.

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