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Hi Orange. It's so true. Don't be blinded by anyone. I was alone for 3 years before I met my spouse. I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to pay any attention to abusive people. I'm glad I met my spouse. We have never hurt each other. It's important to work things out. We are on our fifth anniversary. I'm happy. I have never thought about leaving her again. Oh I even had to put out an order of protection on my ex for stalking me online. That worked out fine. Again she thought she could mentally manipulate me once again. And the thing is I hadn't seen her since 2002. April to be exact. So when people try by any way to hurt you you take them to court. Period. Defend yourself. I did. She never went to court when she had to and there is a warrant out for her arrest as I write this. I didn't do anything wrong, but protect myself. You should too. Have a nice New Year. :-)
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