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You know whats funny about aging? Right now you think about your wrinkles or your gray hair, but later that worry goes away. Try to look at happy things. Watch more comedy movies. Don't watch things that make you cry. I think that what makes me happy since I'm aging is watching funny things. I watch funny home videos on t.v. I also watch funny videos on youtube. Try to take up a new hobby. Find out where you can go to where people your age usually go to. Maybe some community centers where they have different activities. Do something new every day. Forget about aging. It's just a state of mind. If you worry about every wrinkle or gray hair on your body then you won't grow old gracefully. The right thought is embrace aging. Carry your age accordingly. Try a little traveling too. Prepare for your future. I'm 4 years away from 50. I have more gray hairs on my head than I thought I would ever have. I like them. I still comb and wash, cut my hair like I did when I was 13 and 14. Never give up on yourself. Live life to the fullest. :-)
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