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Thank you ladies, We made strict policies here in the House specially for her..24hours she follows, after she comes back to her attitude and how many times we I have and his dad punished her, House arrest, taking her things grounded... She is so hard headed, can you imagine that during christmass she made me and his father fight because of her, We were couple the whole time at the Kitchen, she heared that my 1 year old baby is crying all through out, she never picked and played with him, she was the whole time in the computer, and before at meal, i said to my husband, im gonna fucking throw that girl out, i have very long patience but if in this house i dont get respect, than i dont give too...His father escalated that to the point it came out from him that i was the one who is 50percent provoking the situation, i felt so SHIT... that i was about to count that i am taking care of his children with different mothers and were not able to be cared of by there mothers because they were unresponsible enough for thier Kids, and now I got that message from him... I dont know how long will i take it, when i see these Kid, it really breaks my Soul... And this Kid even if you bring this to any pschycologists... She will and she will be back with her attitude, I started hating her... The House seemed so small fo both of us, I dont deserve the stress shes giving... Sorry but i need you people to hear me.. Have no real friends at all.
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