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I too have been married for 7the years. Everything has been fine except for the fact my husband and I are more or less living like brother and sister. I have never been head over heals for him, and emotionally. He has put me through a ton with his anger management issues, (I think he has punched a hole in every wall in my house). I have thought about leaving but we have 3to kids together, my saving grace is he travels alot. We don't fight alot but he gets really angry over the most stupid things, its like he looks for things to yell about. I have met a few months ago through a mutual acquaintance a man who is 5the yrs younger than I. I was immediately attracted to him, but just put it aside, we have a professional relationship, and when we do speak its all about business, however he did reveal to me that when he talks to me it drives him crazy and he has certain thoughts about me and I told him I felt the same way. Now im very level headed and I realize we r both married and nothing will happen but I can't stop thinking about him. Help
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