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Ok here is one for all of you....maybe you will stop and think first.....My husband who I loved more than 16 years cheated on me. Gave me things I didnt want the most being heartache. Now he moved out October 23 2011. Because he said we are getting divorced. The only time lately anyone needs me is to fix up their mess ups or to hide out from other people aka they are only using me for their own ends. I have been shown I dont matter at all. What I think want or care about. I am not talked to like a person that anyone cares about. I am not consulted or whatevered I am just told like I was a servant. Yet all those people from my younger two children to my husband only one has let me know that I am a good woman. Of course I take care of him and etc. He is my 75 year old father in law who has prostate cancer. I used to have friends who I could talk to but found out they only tell others that I specifically asked them to not say anything. Thus I am alone with no one. Husband wants a divorce but sent me a message earlier regarding his facebook status of being in a relationship with me just to see what others think. Thus again not valued as a person partner wife or whatever. Just another tool for him to use to his own agenda and entertainment. Well i am done with this crap. I dont want this for my life. Nor will I accept it as he thinks I will. He is in for a rude awakening. As well as the others. That is on their own head. If you entered into a relationship, marriage or whatever you are not only hurting that person but yourselves in the long run. Not including if there are children of that union. Even if they are from a prior union. What you do say and act upon has a rippling effect and it will continue for years to come. You are not only cheating your significant other but yourself. If you feel so strongly then walk away after admitting everything face to face. The pain this brings to the other is not worth it. For if you can think of being in their moccasins for that maybe perhaps you will realize what the truth is. I only say this as the person who has to live in this pain daily. No offense meant or intended. Happy New Year.....I know I wont unless I change what I dont like. Let go and move forward alone and thus with the results that others want first.
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