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Originally Posted by FreeMarkCosmetics View Post
why did you get yourself in this situation in the first place it obviously not working out so move on and let it go but if you choose to stay you are going to have to stand your ground its your house and his and if he is not going to be on your side he needs to take the stupid little bitch and hit the road ! youll be fine if anything raising the baby on your own if anything you get him for child support and tell him to go fuck himself you CANT let a stupid little girl get the best of you
FreeMarkCosmetics-- you sound more bitter and hateful. Check your vocab at the door. Why is everything the child's fault. You need serious help. Hope you get it. God Bless.


First & formost she is not a stupid little girl-- She is a little girl who is tossed around & doesn't understand it. Sure she rebells. Wouldn't you? Seriously.
Sounds like she need a lot more love & understanding. Sounds like your resenting her because she's not "your child". How can you teach her love when you have so much resentment.

Give her some time. I'll bet if you take time to sit & talk or take her out for a day.. you'd get a lot better response from her. Stop blaming the child for things that go wrong in a marriage. Marriage is between the two adults. Show the child love & you'll get futher in life with her. That would be a win win situation.

Yelling & blaming gets resentment & rebellion. Try the love & caring route. Stop putting the blame on the child. God Bless each of you. Hope your New Year get some Resolve to it.
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