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I can't believe its over a year since I've been on this thread. Had a little baby Nov 10 and since returned to work. Things going better with hubby now but like others posted more as brother and sister. Have only had sex 3 times since baby was born - not interested at all. Of course the man I am in love with is still there at work and I love to see him and chat but will keep the distance and not seek him out but leave to chance when we meet. He is very sad looking mostly now and I know I cheer him up as he simles and jokes when we do chat. I can't help him though as my little daughter comes first and she does love her daddy. Everyone says affairs aren't worth the pain and I am not wanting to try and see how bad. Also my sisters husband had an affair and she is so sad all the time now although they are trying to work things out I wish she would leave him. He children are almost grown up though with the youngest being 14 now. There seems no hope for me and my unattainable love...
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