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I am in a similar situation. I've been married for 7 years and have two precious kids. I met my husband 9 years ago and I got pregnant after we got engaged... so we decided to marry. I really loved him when we got married but then with time after my first son was born we wouldn't have much intimacy I lost interest in sex and so did he... Later on I started working at a job close to my house and didn't really pay atttention to this guy that I have worked with till about two year s ago when I was having troubles in my marriage, he told me he liked me and I liked him too, so we started to flirt n one day he invited me to his place. I never went cause it wasn't the right thing to do. But since then we have always looked for each other,he now lives with his girlfriend but says they don't always get along. My husban told me he wanted to divorce for some stupid reason that I don't understand but till now we r still together n he hasn't moved out n i don't think he will... Anyway I was in school last semester and one day at work this guy told me that he had called me the day before so we can meet, but a few weeks before that he'd told me he still liked me, that he always felt attracted to me since that first time... after that day, I saw him during my break at school and slowly as weeks went by we moved on till we ended up in bed. I feel so bad coz although my husband and I are not doing great in our relationship, I'm still married to him and my kids. its been over two months that we have been seeing each other. He says he really likes me but our situation sucks. He will not leave his gf coz she has a daughter that grew up with him and he loves that lil girl n is afraid that he will not see her anymore if he breaks up with the gf. I just don't think I'd leave my husband, he wants to work things out... I want don't to get hurt by this guy but I guess It's too late now, since I'm far too deep into this. I really like him too but we really can't b together openly. At work he buys me lunch and looks out for me, texts me that he misses me n we sneak out sometimes to kiss n hug... This is so intense, I just love being with him but I should just forget about this for It's not going anywhere. It sucks that I can't tell any of my friends what I feel... I have a reputation to keep. Sucks wanting to be with someone I can't b with! But then I think that It's just physicalattraction, he always tell me he likes my body n my eyes n my curves... Idk if guys are like that just like that or if he really cares for me as a person. I will see with time, its so hard to walk away though... But I have to before i end up broken hearted
It probably won't help much as a response but I understand how you all feel.
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