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i'm helpless 2 make/take a decision

hi! i'm gaya3, doing my final year graduate. my bro, mom n myself r living 2gether. my dad has a 2nd wife, from my age of 7 till now(23) he does not sleep with us at nite. suddenly 4 d past 3months, he has got an affare with another lady as a 3rd person in his life. i'm totally confused of his behavior, my elder bro s a psychatric patient, he also does not have d capability 2 ask a question 2 my dad regarding this issue. i'm much disturbed wit d ppl around me speaks sarcastically abt my dad. my mom has already got depressed of my bro's health, now an other new issue with my dad. a question has suddeny aroused within me whether he was acting all these dayz as a father or else jus he was jus 4 d name sake? i've losed all my concentration on my studies, i'm blank now. i dont know wat should i do now. should i recover 4m this issue or my dad should? me too seeking 4 a job, i feel much unluck, i dont get a job now. no more wordz!!!!!!!!
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