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i am not new to the site but this name is. right now im trying to get my head stright. i have delt with emotional abuse for months and the sad thing is he didnt even know he was doing it. Know one even relized that i had peoblems in my marrage i hide things well. now i am staying with a close relative to get my head on stright. I have come to relize that the relationship between me and my husband is unhealthy for me. if i didnt have kids the awnser would all be easier. but with them involed im trying my best to heal on the inside. i am relizing that i know they need me me but they dont need me unhappy and crying around them. here i am not like that and am slowly finding out who i am again and what kind of inner strength i still have left in me. i am just glad that i have people around me that support me and understand. i am also glad that those i am are allowing me to make my own choices and will support me no matter what i choose to do. i wish everyone had people in their life like i have if they are in my situation. it is realy starting to help me.
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