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hi i am also married from 4 years and have 1 daughter 2 years i love my Boos in work yes i love him he is so quite lovely hansom i have many problems with my husband . My boos love me too he want me to do everything with him we kissed each other once and we talk a lot in phone he want to spend 1 night with me do what we need to do i adore him but i am afraid from God i am afraid that god punish me through my daughter i love my daughter too and i am scared on it i am from Egypt. in my country it is big thing to cheat your husband but i do not have nothing to do with my heart . my Boos is married too and have to kids he love them and he love his wife but there is something we missed in our life and we found it with each other . i worked with him 4 years ago it is started when he told me everything in his life any problem or anything me too do this he considered me his sister but after that he told me that he love me so that i told him me too bec i feel this thing from the first time i meet him . now when he didn't come work in a day he call me to tell me how much he miss me and how much he love me he told me the next time we will meet alone we will do any thing he miss me alot in this days and me too i can not Resist any more i want him what i shall do i am afraid that he only want from me just sex pls tell me what i shall do?
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