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I would estimate but your first three posts you're high strung or a panicker... That might be hindering your arousal. You need to calm down, sometimes by putting so much emphasis on sex it makes it too serious or gives you really high standards for pleasure and the reality is life is nothing like the movies.

What to do? I have a few ideas. I'm not saying I'm the expert but you asked so i am helping. Try a vibrator to get yourself in the mood. Try some female friendly resource such as theadulttoyshop for this. When you enjoy the sexual stimulation and your natural vaginal lubricant gets flowing, it will also get your hormones flowing too. You see I am an erotica author and when I need to get myself in the mood I draw a hot bath and bring in a vibrator (please make sure it's waterproof!!) and the act of bringing myself to an orgasm releases all negative pent up energy.

It's not about the act of having the orgasm, you're trying to seduce yourself - think of it as individual foreplay. The more relaxed you can be and aroused you are, this will carry over to when your husband comes into the bedroom - you'll be physically and emotionally ready and willing to enjoy passionate lovemaking with him.
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