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Attracted to boss

I'm married for 4yrs n dated my husband for 9 . We have 2 lovely girls under ages 3. Recently, I had a new boss. He's tall, good looking, very smart n down to earth. 1st meeting him I had a crush. Now it has grown worse after a few 1to1 meals together on de business trip. I enjoy his company very much n afterwards I began thinking so much abt being with him alone more often. Mayb he sense my crush which is pretty embarrassing. Came weekend, I tot I was better.. Not in sight less in mind but came today the feelings sort of came back, de yearnings n memories of our time together. I'm assigned to work w him for 2 yrs not sure if my emotions can endure de roller coaster ride for that long. Good thing I believe it's only one sided bad thing I consciously n unconsciously seek him out n if he ask me out, I doubt, it will b very very hard to say no. Worst if I manipulate de situation so tat I'm alone with him. Sigh. I'm struggling n it's taking me away from enjoying my family.
I know logically n rasionally wst's need to b done but I'm so driven by emotions it overrides everything. How do u handle this?
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