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You make a choice and stick by it. Dont take things for granted. The love of a good man or the relationship you have plus the years. For when you do or act upon your feelings, it will be the ending of that time. You cant erase or change what has happened you can only do so if it hasnt happened at all. You are yearning to have that special connection we all get when we first meet someone new and fall in love or lust with. There is a need to redefine what you do have. Make some date nights with the one you are with not the one you feel close or emotionally connected too. For that is fleeting and wont last the good dance of life. We evolve as well as our relationships but that will dramatically end if you act upon "your feelings" towards another. It unfortunately takes away that uniqueness of the one you are with now. Stand firm for your emotions will make you crave what you dont have now but did at one time. You just need to take and make the new memories solid and help you redefine what you have with the one you are with. Simple and yet to the point. Trust me on this a moments chance of acting on your emotions changes things even if you dont see it at first, it will happen. Hope this helps as it was meant too.
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