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Reality Checks and Disciplining Children/Teens

While on my FB account, a subject came up..
What do you think about punishment and how children now a days
are not being punished as much as the "older" days. Do you think kids need reality checks?
I am going to post it here (without names ect)

User 1:
it really *is*ed me off when young kids think that they only have to apply to one place and expect to get hired. what part of you have to put in several thousand applications everywhere just to get a few interviews now a days...i really cant stand kids who have no clue how the real world works...wake up people!

User 2:
I have applied at over 30 places in this dull *ss town in the last month with nothing.. I am going to have to expand to Muncie and Anderson... It does stink.. But my son put in one application and got a job at the same place I applied at.. It is discrimination!!! LOL

User 3:
Or when they put in an app @ a place & get told straight up the store isn't hiring @ the moment until fall time & call 1-2 a week asking about their status. Quit focusing on 1 job & go apply @ others as well!

User 4:
Don't blame kids for *hitty enabling parents in the age of coddling children. Fear of disciplining children or the world being hard has turned parents into *ussies and kids into entitled little pains in the *ss

User 5:
It is annoying when someone who does not have children try and tell people who do have children how to raise them.. When you have children, please put your advice here "_________________". Until then, butt out!

Let's see where this goes!
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