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Hi Wolf Angel....I'm sorry to here about your marriage.....I am a licensed healthcare professional....and so I see a some of the STI cases....on the other end as it relates to health and health issues....but as a single mother of a adult son and still remaining celibate of which I mentioned under the topic on this site a year or so ago....when I hear of's so alarming to me...on so many levels....I'm not dating right know because I feel that there is such a risk for me of contracting something from a man who is not I do date...there is absolutely no sex fact I don't know if I will allow myself to kiss a man at this point......there is a risk in that..simply because people do have oral sex....and how do I know that he didn't just perform oral sex on some female wife, girlfriend or maybe a do I know that?'s crazy.....but this is how dating is's scary also......
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