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The point is tis a person's choice and they will be accountable one time or another. Needless to say, I thought I was building up a new relationship with Sam but alas I dont know if I want that. You see my problem is I'd rather have anyone tell me anything as long as you dont lie. So if you omit part of the truth when you originally knew it all, is that telling a lie? Plus with the increase of people having sex any way they can, I found out in phlebotomy class that STD and etc are up in certain ages. 12 to 18 and <omfgoodness> Over 50. I dont know about any of you but that is scarey. I always preach and do safe sex. Now I just rather have a B.O.B. this way I dont share and have no worries about the rest. That is my opinion and works for me yet maybe wont work for another. Have a great day!
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