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is alcohol really to blaim and does it stop?

I have been in a two year relationship with a beautiful, lover, and caring woman who gave up everything in another country and move to america to be with me. There is a 10 year difference between us and I have two small children 13 and 8. Over the course of a year from jan 2011 until recently in September of 2012 we have gotten in several arguments in which she struck out physically at me, black eyes, a broken nose, bumps on my head. In September we tried counseling which didn’t go as planned – things were okay for awhile until about two week ago she got angry with me and threw a glass of wine over and picked up my lap top and smashed it to the floor. With the help of my childrens father I made the decision to leave the next day. I miss her so much as she does me – yeah I know it probably sounds silly – but the good times did out weigh the bad. She wants me back and part of me really wants to be with her – if I don’t go back she will have to leave the country and go back to where she came from with next to nothing. We talked last week and she promised to never drink again – every incident did involve alcohol. If I give her that chance and it fails I won’t have my support system to turn to that helped me get out and god only knows what my kids will think. But it I don’t give her that chance how will I ever know? Any advice would be great since my head is completely messed up right now.
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