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I'm never suggested Clinton was not popular. (I am somewhat surprised he is so loved by women considering his behavior towards them but OK.) I'm just reminding everyone that it is not the President who has control of the budget and spending, it is the congress. So....Clinton cannot be fully diven credit it took him cooperating with te Republican house. Seems to me, and my argument is only financial, that 5 trillion added to the debt in the past three and one half years cannot be sustained, it will cause recession or worse. The Republicans have proposed (and passed in the house - the only segment of government they control) and passed a budget that will HELP reduce deficit spending. Harry Reid in the Senate has so far not even propsoed a budget. And The President's proposal did not receive one Democratic vote of approval. Which party is serious? Popularity may not be the path to financial reform. And yeah, it is fun. Thanks for the debate.
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