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Well first off, you had no choice you did what you had too at that time. Yes it was sad you werent there but I bet he knew you had to work. So no guilt for doing what he knew you had to do not what you wanted to do, ok? They dont know the true strength is so you probably amaze them did you think that? I know you want to fall to pieces and that is sooo tempting but if you are like me that wont happen a lot or often yet when it does let it go it does help to heal. There is a poem that I hope to find and share with you that helped when my Mother died in 2001 and recently when my grandson of 3 1/2 months old (from SIDS). So yes there is more. You have to heal to rediscover those things you always wanted to do. Even if its a new hobby. Hope this helps as it was meant too, not meant to offend. Hugs
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