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Wow-what a tough time you've had! Anyone in your shoes would be struggling. And, it really sounds like you did the best you could for your husband and I'm sure he knew that. But, working through grief is never easy, so I'd give yourself time. I also wouldn't hesitate to look into counseling as was suggested above. It's amazing what a difference some professional advice can make. I know cost might be a factor in whether you pursue this or not, but there are places that can offer counseling free or for a reduced cost. Maybe checking through a local church or getting a referral from someone who you know has talked with a counselor? I've also seen from my time at Focus on the Family that you can talk with their counselors free over the phone (just look up their website for the number). Another idea might be a grief support group. I have a lot of friends that have found so much help and encouragement through groups like that. So, just some thoughts to consider. I think the main thing is to not go through this alone, and don't hesitate to let your friends and family know that you're still struggling. In times like this you can use all the support you can get! Well, hang in there-you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. ((Hugs))
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