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I know I've come late to this thread but I'd like to make a comment or two anyway. First point, following the first Iraq war (Bush elder - to liberate Kuwait) S. Hussein signed a treaty with the US to allow weapons inspections. Now we can argue whether liberating Kuwait was a "good" objective. But the Iraq leadership signed the treaty to end hostilities. Unfortunately S. Hussein reniged on the treaty. So GW Bush after getting 17 UM resolutions to authorize force and the approval of the US Congress, resumed the conflict due to the broken treaty. You can argue this war was ill-advised, fine. But either a treaty (contract) with the US means something or it does not. If countries can make binding agreements and then simply disregard them, what foreign policy will you be able to enforce at all. And as Julius Ceasar realized with a "divide and conquer approach" would it not be good to help try to establish a democratic country in the mid-east. My simple point is that the second gulf war stemmed from a broken treaty. GW felt this could not be tolerated. People may disagree but at what consequence down the road. My second point is he oil issue. Show me evidence that the US stole or took oil from any arab country. Let's not belittle the sacrifices the US and it's armed servicemen have sustained. I am for smaller government politically, but I see no evidence the government or the people of America have profited from these wars in any way.
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