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Never a bother!

It is never a bother! That what this forum is all about. The power of one is The sum of its parts and collectively the voices on this site may help you find your power. Now, I understand that things in your life and world may constrict you of feeling what you think you feel. If you feel you are attracted to women, then you probably are. I personally feel that you need to address the things that don't make you feel happy before you seek out the things that you think might. It sounds like you don't feel happy in your marriage. You can make a decision to make it try to work or let it go. I understand that may seem easier said than done. There may be cultural restrictions surrounding that. But you need to find your inner resolve before you decide what sexuality you are. It doesn't seem to be to be about who your with girl or guy, but what kind of peice of mind you have as a person and who is right to share. That with. It may be a very valid reason why you don't have happiness with your husband. But make sure you are true to yourself and it is not an excuse for the bad relationship. Make sure you are solid and whole before you venture into finding what attracts you. There is so much more to it than the attraction. You need to be honest with yourself and find out what pleases you. But your immediate decisions are regarding how to change what isnt making you happy and how to change them. Good luck. Keep me posted .
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