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Dear Blue, Poet, Jennifer and Grace,

thank you very much for understanding my problem.

Tears rolled down reading your replys. Finally, i got to meet people with whom i could share things which i thought would die along with me.

But, its little more complicated than you people are getting to it or maybe am thinking that way. (Am confused - even with this -plz dont laugh at me). what ever decision i take would impact my family(my dad and my brother - one funny thing is... when i typed "my family", i didnt even remember to list my husband's name, this is my current mental status. I am not able to get him into my system.). That's bothering me because i can't live with someone like this acting my whole life.

Actually, i tried many times to think positively and try liking my husband, but end of the day, i feel some connection missing.

Sorry if am boring.

hmmmmmmmmmm.................... anyways sorry to trouble you even after you people gave me good suggestions. I know i have to act and am not able to. i always think am a failure in life. and am used to it. so i don't feel bad for it.

thanks to all of you
have a great day...
Take care

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