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Is my husband cheating?

Hi everyone! I wanted to get some input on the problem I came across today. I was putting away laundry and found a web cam in my husband's dresser drawers. I know he already has one built in on his computer so I assume this was being used on his old computer that didn't have one. I got on his computer to see what I could see about why he needs a web cam for his computer. I found nude pictures of him and some emails from girls who he has been chatting with online. We have had this problem in our relationship in the past and we got passed it and got married. He said that he would never do it again and there has been no signs that he had done it again until now. We fought so badly because he was upset because I was on his computer being "nosey" and I shouldn't have done that. I am really torn about if I should bring it up to him because of this reason. He will know that I was on his computer again looking at his emails. Is this considered a form of cheating and if so, what should I do about it? We have such a good relationship and I really don't want it to be ended over something like this. I would love some advice from you guys! Thanks a bunch!
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