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Okay, I'm gonna try to give this a go, even though I haven't really had personal experience with this kind of situation. Mind you, I have known several women who have gone through the whole spousal cheating thing.

First, in my opinion...yeah, thats definitely cheating. If he has to hide it, it's wrong!

Second, people who are/feel guilty about something usually like to throw the blame first. In other words, when you confronted your husband last time, he basically tried to "share" some of the guilt he was feeling by placing blame at your feet.

Third, you have every right to know what's going on. And if he hadn't given you a reason to be suspicious, you would have gone looking for answers.

I hope this helps. I know there are others here at WOW who might be able to give better advice on this subject. And I'm really sorry your husband's putting you through this again.
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