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Kids always trump adults. I am under the belief... I am strong b/c of my experiences, my daughter and son aren't they are still fresh and unbroken... so my purpose in life is to try to make myself happy while at the same time leaving my children unbroken. I would love to pack them in my little chevy cruz and use three tanks of gasand go back to my home town. Although it was my hell growing up, since my mom has been buried there I feel. this need to make sure her grave is ok. I couldup root, my kids would have to go to a different school. My youngest would be ok... my oldest, would freak out.. So here I sit.... waiting for another solution to come along, b/c that decision might break someone. I en't drank fro 10 days..... I was never violent... however my husband has ptsd and drinks like there is no tommorrow. I am trying to convince him to go to aa or something.. but no luck. Oh well..

sorry so long

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