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Originally Posted by Wolf_angel View Post
So sorry for your loss. Hugs
Now I want you to start focusing on the good memories. Get your family involved in this project. Do a memory book. Once completed make copies and pass them out.
Then do what would make him smile. Honor what he taught you. Get positive with the teachings he gave you. There are going to be days when you sit and cry. Do it. It helps. Yet so does what I said prior. Yet I bet knowing your Dad he wouldnt want you sitting around getting mauldrin and not being a positive force. I hope this helps you as it was meant. I lost my Mother in May 2001 and recently my 3 1/2 month old grandson. Even though my grandson was that young he taught me to be happy.
Hugs again
Thank you! I am so sorry for your loss to.
I have made a "memory board". I think about the happiest memories. I know I will get thru it. It is just a matter of when. I just don't feel like I have anyone to talk to. I really appreciate your kind words.
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