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Hi, my partner has been and still is on dating sites. This breaks my heart as we've been together almost 3 yrs now and the first time I found out, was just awful. I decided to join the site under a false identity, find him and start chatting. He said he was single etc and wanted to meet up. We arranged a meeting, he set the time and date when he knew I was busy!! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I obviously didn't meet him, I was busy but online I pretended that I had turned up. I even got another mobile telephone and we started texting!! We ended up arguing one day and I told him that the person he had arranged to meet had actually been ME!! His face just dropped, he did try to put the blame on me, saying I pressured him for sex, he needed to just have some release and chatting to women online was his release! I didn't believe him and I still don't. We are still together, he promised not to do it again, to delete all his profiles and telephone numbers but he hasn't!! He ALWAYS hides his mobile or puts it on silent and I have recently found his profile on atleast 2 dating sites and I'm currently striking up a conversation with him.....again! This time though, if we arrange to meet, I WILL BE show him up for what he is, a liar and a cheat and I will end the relationship there and then although it will break my heart because I love him but I know that I am worth more and I believe that I will only find what I am looking for with another woman.
I believe if your partner is chatting etc online and using a webcam, they are cheating and it will not stop. You deserve better that that but the decision must be yours. I am just waiting for the right time then I will end this relationship and be true to myself.
Good luck in whatever choice you make.

Shelley xx
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