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the puppeteer

I just went through something really emotional, and im not the kind of person to write poems at every tear shed i used to actually try to imitate dr. seus books with it's happy whimsical tone but idk why this time i just felt i had to write my it all out. Hope you guys like it.

To be utterly, completely, wholeheartedly mine
To destroy, remold, influence and refine
You refuse to comprehend
my thoughts to hell you send
My dear doll of mud and clay
The puppeteer's string instead you play
Like water on rocks, my definition erodes
Once a grip so strong, now where do I hold?
Recklessly I pedal off my stool
Becoming the pawn to a smart fool
Trying to regain my hands and cut my 'claim'
or at least follow resistancelessly to pain
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